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Technical Consulting
Technical Consulting Services for Television Shows and Motion Pictures


Law Olmstead is a seasoned licensed private investigator with over thirty years of experience in Hollywood. With a wealth of real-world investigative knowledge and a deep understanding of the entertainment industry, Law Olmstead offers technical consulting services tailored to the unique needs of television shows and motion pictures. His expertise can bring authenticity and accuracy to your project, enhancing the storytelling and ensuring that the legal and investigative aspects are portrayed realistically.


Law Olmstead provides a wide range of technical consulting services to assist your production team in creating compelling and authentic content. His services include:

  1. Script Analysis and Development

    • Reviewing scripts for accuracy in legal and investigative procedures.
    • Providing feedback and suggestions to enhance realism and storytelling.

  2. Character Development

    • Assisting writers and directors in creating authentic investigator or law enforcement characters.
    • Advising on character traits, dialogue, and behavior.

  3. Case and Crime Scene Consultation

    • Offering guidance on the investigation process, crime scene procedures, and evidence collection.
    • Ensuring accurate portrayal of investigative techniques.

  4. Legal Procedures and Compliance

    • Advising on legal aspects, including search warrants, arrest procedures, and courtroom scenes.
    • Ensuring compliance with real-world legal standards and terminology.

  5. Forensic Science

    • Explaining forensic techniques and technologies used in investigations.
    • Ensuring the accurate depiction of forensic analysis in your production.

  6. Location Scouting and Set Design

    • Assisting with the selection of realistic filming locations.
    • Providing input on set design to match investigative settings.

  7. Training and Workshops

    • Conducting workshops or training sessions for actors and production teams on investigative procedures and techniques.
    • Enhancing the realism of performances and scenes.

  8. On-Set Consultation

    • Being available on-set for immediate guidance during filming.
    • Ensuring that investigative scenes are portrayed accurately.

Benefits of Working with Law Olmstead

  • Realism and Authenticity: Law Olmstead’s extensive experience ensures that your production accurately portrays investigative and legal processes.
  • Enhanced Storytelling: Realistic details and character development can add depth and credibility to your narrative.
  • Legal Compliance: Avoid potential inaccuracies and legal pitfalls by consulting with an experienced professional.
  • Efficiency: Save time and resources by getting expert guidance from the outset of your project.

Ensure that your project benefits from the expertise of a Hollywood veteran who knows the investigative and entertainment worlds inside and out. Collaborate with Law Olmstead to elevate the authenticity and quality of your production.

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