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Expert Witness Services
Expert Witness Services: Missing Persons Cases and Media Abuses


Law Olmstead, a licensed private investigator, offers unparalleled expertise as an expert witness in two critical domains: missing persons cases and abuses of the media. With a distinguished career spanning over thirty years, Law Olmstead’s unique qualifications make him an invaluable resource for legal proceedings.


Law Olmstead is a licensed private investigator with extensive experience and an exceptional track record in both missing persons cases and media-related issues. His expertise has been recognized in court, where he serves as an expert witness in cases that are both complex and sensitive. With his deep knowledge of investigative techniques and media practices, Law Olmstead is a trusted authority in these domains.


Missing Persons Cases

Law Olmstead provides expert witness services in missing persons cases, particularly in situations where a homicide is suspected but a body has not been found. His services include:

  1. Case Assessment and Analysis

    • Evaluating the evidence and circumstances surrounding missing persons cases to provide expert opinions.
    • Assisting the court in understanding the complexities of such cases.

  2. Expert Testimony

    • Providing clear and compelling testimony to help juries and judges comprehend the nuances of missing persons investigations.
    • Offering insights into investigative techniques, evidence collection, and the challenges of cases without physical remains.

  3. Case Review and Consultation

    • Collaborating with legal teams to review and assess missing persons cases, identifying strengths and weaknesses.
    • Assisting in the development of legal strategies for both prosecution and defense.

Media Abuses and Invasion of Privacy

Law Olmstead is uniquely qualified to serve as an expert witness in cases against the news media for invasion of privacy and related abuses. His services include:

  1. Media Ethics and Practices

    • Providing expert testimony on media ethics, standards, and best practices.
    • Evaluating media conduct in cases involving invasion of privacy, libel, or defamation.

  2. Impact Assessment

    • Assessing the impact of media actions on individuals and entities, including the psychological and reputational harm caused by sensationalized reporting.
    • Offering expert opinions on the severity of damages suffered.

  3. Media Source Insights

    • Drawing from his extensive experience as a leading media source, Law Olmstead can shed light on the inner workings of the media industry and the relationships between sources and journalists.

The Significance of Expert Witness Services

Expert witness services provided by Law Olmstead are crucial for various reasons:

  • Clarity and Understanding: Expert testimony clarifies complex issues and helps judges and juries make informed decisions.

  • Equity and Fairness: Expert witnesses ensure that all parties in a legal case have access to specialized knowledge and insights.

  • Accountability: Expert opinions hold the media accountable for ethical violations and invasion of privacy.

  • Resolution and Closure: In missing persons cases, expert testimony can aid in achieving justice and closure for victims and their families.

Trust Law Olmstead to provide expert opinions that add depth, clarity, and credibility to legal proceedings, ensuring that justice is served in complex and sensitive cases.


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