Law Olmstead – Hollywood P.I. is Licensed by The State of California Bureau of Security & Investigative Service #PI21311 – #PI189190

Missing Persons Investigations
Specializing in Missing Persons Cases and Expert Witness Services


Law Olmstead is a highly respected and licensed private investigator with over thirty years of dedicated experience in locating missing persons of all types. His expertise extends to serving as a court-qualified expert witness in homicide cases where a body has not been found. As the Founder & President of the IRS-approved non-profit organization, the Missing Persons Center, Law Olmstead has reviewed thousands of missing persons cases and actively worked on hundreds, making him a leading authority in this critical field.


Law Olmstead provides a comprehensive range of services focused on locating missing persons and offering expert witness testimony. His services include:

  1. Missing Persons Investigations

    • Conducting thorough investigations to locate missing individuals, whether they are runaways, abductees, or adults gone missing.
    • Employing cutting-edge investigative techniques, technology, and a vast network of resources to trace and locate missing persons.

  2. Cold Case Reexamination

    • Revisiting unsolved missing persons cases to uncover new leads, evidence, or information.
    • Applying fresh insights and methodologies to potentially solve long-standing mysteries.

  3. Expert Witness Testimony

    • Serving as a court-qualified expert witness in homicide cases where a body has not been found.
    • Providing testimony based on his extensive experience and expertise in missing persons investigations.

  4. Case Review and Consultation

    • Analyzing and reviewing thousands of missing persons cases to offer insights and potential leads.
    • Collaborating with law enforcement, families, and legal teams to advance investigations.

  5. Search and Recovery Operations

    • Leading search and recovery efforts in coordination with law enforcement and search and rescue teams.
    • Employing specialized techniques to locate individuals in challenging environments.

  6. Non-Profit Support

    • Through the Missing Persons Center, offering support, resources, and advocacy to families and communities affected by missing persons cases.
    • Raising awareness about missing persons issues and advocating for policy changes to improve response and prevention.

Benefits of Working with Law Olmstead

  • Expertise: Benefit from over thirty years of experience in missing persons cases and expert witness testimony.
  • Comprehensive Services: Access a wide range of services, from investigations to search and recovery operations.
  • Non-Profit Advocacy: Support the Missing Persons Center’s mission to assist families and raise awareness about missing persons issues.
  • Cold Case Solutions: Explore the potential for solving long-standing cold cases through Law Olmstead’s expertise.

Trust Law Olmstead to provide the expertise and commitment needed to locate missing persons and contribute to justice and closure in challenging cases.

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