Law Olmstead – Hollywood P.I. is Licensed by The State of California Bureau of Security & Investigative Service #PI21311 – #PI189190

Lawrence “Law” Olmstead is Hollywood P.I..  

Hollywood P.I. was a nickname given to him before he was a licensed investigator and was working primarily as a “researcher” for the media.  The first high profile case Olmstead was assigned was the O.J. Simpson case.  Our assignment was to locate potential witnesses to the murders and provide the information to producers and reporters in the media. We were retained by more than one media source and from that point forward, we ended up being the most requested investigative source for the media, tabloids, newspapers and television shows for many years.

From that one case, we were asked to develop information on many others that ended up being some of the most controversial and well known cases in recent history.

Mr. Olmstead is a court qualified expert witness in homicide cases where a body has not been recovered.  

Today, Hollywood P.I. specializes in missing persons cases and film and TV investments.  Since the early 2000’s Olmstead has been working on a non-profit organization called the Missing Persons Center.  The center is an IRS Approved 501C3 organization that services the families of missing people, worldwide.  They also work closely with law enforcement to bring closure to active and cold cases.

Law Olmstead is the President & Founder

We have authorized access to proprietary data systems the general public is not able to access.  Our access to data is not limited only to the US, we also have relationships with data providers worldwide.

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